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Double Opt-in Privacy Policy

  • You have just accessed a Landing Page linked from a text message. 
  • The text message was distributed by Text Integration Pty Ltd on behalf of a Third Party. You can find the name and contact details of the Third Party in the Landing Page and in the text you received. 
  • Text Integration does collect your mobile phone number, email, first name, last name and country. We only do this to enable our system to confirm that you have double opted in to agree to receive text messages from the Third Party. 
  • Text Integration does not keep any other identifiable information. 
  • We do not sell or distribute in anyway any of your identifiable information. 
  • Any information you supply the Third Party shall be governed by the applicable Third Parties privacy policy. 

You can opt out from receiving text messages at any time by replying to the text with the three letter Short Code stated in the text and the word STOP. E.g. ABC STOP. 

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