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Start Promoting Text Integration Today And Benefit For The Life Of The Customer!

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Why Promote Text Integration?

  • What's In It For You

    As a consultant and business automation expert, you know that partner marketing is one of the best ways to gain personal benefits, while providing a great result for your clients. The key to success is choosing a product that your clients and yourself find is easy to use, that has excellent customer service and that increases the effectiveness of you and your customer. Your referrals need to make you look good! By joining our Partner Program, you will be able to offer an affordable, easy-to-use, fully featured "Go Mobile" solution to your clients to help them get more leads, increase their conversions, and the ability to WOW their customers!

  • It is all about YOUR customer

    Access priority Customer Support. 24 hour ticket turn around. Book an technical support call for yourself or your client. We are dedicated to help you ensure your clients success.

3 Ways To Promote Text Integration Right Now
  • Show Your Clients Text Integration When They Ask About Adding Texts To Their Campaigns - More that ever, business owners are recognising the need to "Go Mobile" with their marketing and customer service. 
  • Wow Your Clients With Your Text Campaigns - Once they experience the effect or your "Text Love", their imagination will spark ideas for incoporating text automation in their business.
  • Market Text Integration in Blog Posts, Social Media, Emails & on Your Website - Love Text Integration? Have a great case study to share? Tell your story and promote Text Integration to your audience. 
Inside The Product:
What To Love About Text Integration
  •    5 Reward Plan Levels
    • Bronze  -- 20 global texts - 0 to 5 active referrals
    • Silver -- 160 global texts - 6 to 11 active referrals
    • Gold -- 350 global texts - 12 to 23 active referrals
    • Platinum -- 700 global texts - 24 to 59 active referrals
    • Unobtainium -- 2200 global texts - 60 and above active referrals
  •    Top Features
    • Free Account Indefinitely
      Let your clients try an free account which includes 20 text messages per month, every month.  Once they see how easy to use and realise how many ways they can wow their customers, they're sure to upgrade to a paid subscription.
    • Affordability
      Text Integration is easily the most affordable text plugin to Infusionsoft on the market.  For as little as $40 per month, any client could be benefiting from automated text messaging.  This includes their Access Plan and Text Plan.
    • Simple To Use
      Text Integration is so simple to use that you'll be setup in minutes.  With a setup wizard and short videos on each page, you'll be sending your first text messages from Campaign Builder in minutes.
    • Auto-Opt Out
      Text Integration has a default Opt Out feature that gives customers an option to stop receiving texts. This feature assists in complying with anti-spam laws. It can also be turned off if it is not required.
    • Timed Delivery
      Control the time that your text message is delivered in any destination country in the world, even if your campaign sends the same text message to different time zones.
    • MobilePages
      Text Integration has partnered with the world's leading mobile landing page template providers to create MobilePages. A MobilePage is a custom mobile webpage that contains a text message.  Text Integration gives you the ability to personalize the text on the mobile webpage, by adding Infusionsoft merge fields, and you can add anything else to the page that the web allows.  
    • Unlimited Keywords
      Use any keyword you can dream up. You're not limited and don't have to pay extra each month for more keywords.
    • Unlimited Contacts
      Send text messages to as many contacts as you like without being charged extra each month.
    • Full Support
      With a comprehensive knowledgebase, email, and phone support, getting help when you need it is easy to access.
Make Sales With Minimal Effort:
Pre-Made Banners


Simply copy and paste any of the HTML below to place one of our conversion-focused banners anywhere on your site. Be sure to add your unique partner ID.

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