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“We are a dynamic software company that creates simple and beautiful software that allows businesses to communicate to and grow large and devoted audiences. We believe in the “Power of Going Mobile” and enjoying the GLOBAL opportunities the  powerful technologies of AUTOMATION and COMMUNICATION bring to our clients.”



<strong>Phillip Mobbs</strong>

Phillip Mobbs


Phillip loves the creativity of business. He considers generating ideas and solutions to business problems fun!
Upon learning of the power of Business Automation Platforms, Phillip imagined a world where the essential labour intensive tasks required to run a business were automated... enabling focus on the critical business challenges.
It didn't take long to see the attractiveness of global automated “direct to mobile” communication systems, especially when 91% of customers read a text message within 15 minutes of its receipt, and when 48% of customers would respond to a text if it was personalized!
A fun and close relationship with Michael Gregory led to both partners building a team to deliver a global communication solution for Businesses Automation Platforms across the globe.

<strong>Michael Gregory</strong>

Michael Gregory


Michael is a left field, road less travelled, people loving, problem solving, wana-make-a-difference, never give up, possibility seeing philosopher..... and serial entrepreneur.
One day he fell madly in love with Infusionsoft after meeting her in an obscure footnote of a Dan Kennedy book, and the world was never the same again. The romance was contagious and as his long time friend and fellow entrepreneur, Phillip, also became smitten by her long-tail nurture sequences…
As wonderful as it was, the threesome wanted more! Michael and Phillip began to dream about how wonderful it would be to introduce Infusionsoft to the amazing possibilities of global text automation.
And so they followed the white rabbit to a new dimension where Text Integration was born.