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Want to leave a MARK to your customers?

Marketing, nowadays is more complex than just a pie, line, or a bar chart. However, with the help of technology, marketing can be really easy.

We are all aware that most of our waking hours are spent on mobile phones. In fact, text messages are opened 95% of the time, within 15 minutes. We have to make use of that, and re-think our strategies to boost our marketing campaign.

We have integrated with Infusionsoft to let you control and fully automate your business’ text marketing campaign. Not only that, we have optmized it, so that you’re sending not just a simple SMS but also full color advertisements, photos, videos, etc.

Now, this is what you call a smart marketing technique. If you want to experience how this text automation campaign works, I suggest that you head to our website and sign up for free.

What are you waiting for?
Experience the benefits of automated texting and leave a MARK now!



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